Appeal to Help a Parishioner in Need

St. George Russian Orthodox Church was founded in the fall of 1988. Marianna Friesel came to the parish’s second liturgy, which was held in the living room of Fr. John Boylan, and has attended faithfully ever since. Over those years she been faithful to her parish home and made it a priority in her life. She began as a reader and chanter; eventually she became choir director. She was elected as a member of the parish council and later served as both Treasurer and Chair of the Building Committee. She has never failed to sacrifice what she had for the good of the parish and to witness to her faith. In 1982 even wrote the pamphlet, “Letters from a Convert” in order to help others who were following her path into Orthodox Christianity. In short, she is an exemplary, devoted member of our parish.

After so many years of service to us, it is our turn to serve her. Over the last few years, Marianna has had a series of failed crowns and fillings, so that now she has lost most of her lower molars. Unlike most people with similar problems, dentures are not an option for her. Instead, she needs extensive dental work, including implants, crowns and a bridge. This process requires the work of both a dentist and an oral surgeon over the course of about six months. Like many who have retired, Marianna has no dental insurance and survives on a fixed income. All told, the various procedures will cost $14,480, a little over $2,500 of which has already been paid.

A generous donor to our parish Benevolent Fund has pledged $5,000 in matching funds to help raise the $12,000 remaining. This means that every dollar you donate will provide $2 to help Marianna. Please take this opportunity to help Marianna. May God reward you for your generosity!

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In Christ,

St. George Russian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati, Ohio is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia under the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America.

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